Frost Minibar

Minibar: nature has created freshness!

FROST has the pleasure to present a wide range of hotel minibars based on absorption refrigeration technology, which boasts a variety of dimensions, colours and accessories, all carefully studied to satisfy the many different requests and to easily fit into any room décor and existing furniture. FROST minibars guarantee maximum freshness thanks to the most up-to-date refrigeration technologies and utmost respect for the environment. All the products are built with particular carefulness and precision to assure endurance and functionality.

Unlike the normally found fridges based on mechanical compression refrigeration, all FROST minibars are based on absorption refrigeration technology. The absence of a compressor makes them highly silent, long lasting and needles of any particular maintenance. The system, extremely efficient, allows to get a strong reduction of the power needs as well as eliminate vibrations, making the fridge particularly apt for wine storage.
The system is charged and sealed directly at the production establishment; therefore, FROST minibars do not need any further recharging operation for their entire life duration avoiding customers any inconvenience.
The absence of freon definitely makes FROST minibars ecologically clean and safe.

All FROST models come with reversible doors and can also have glass front doors allowing the guests to see the beverages without having to open the minibar door.

All FROST minibars feature an automatic defrosting-system, an innovative internal led light system and a thermostat to manually regulate the cabinet temperature.

The small dimensions of the minibars make them easy to transport and fast to be installed; all the internal accessories are interchangeable and enable users to exploit all the available space and guarantee better storage.

Both design and careful production make FROST minibars particularly attractive and represent an exceptionally far-sighted, environmentally sensible choice for every hotel.

FROST minibars feature:
  • No compressor
  • Low energy consumption
  • No freon
  • Totally devoid of vibrations and noise
  • No maintenance
  • No further recharging operation
  • Easy transportation and installation
  • Reversible front door
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Interior light
  • User regulated thermostat

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